Power Up is a global online prayer wall committed to edifying people all around the world through divine connection and relationship with God. Our vision is to uplift, revive, and empower you to thrive within any circumstance and give you the willpower through Jesus Christ to live on!  We will do this by equipping one another daily through prayer and devotion thereby transforming and restoring our lives and deepening our connection with God!!

On this page you will find daily devotions, places to input prayer requests as well as places to sign up for prayer.  We have watchmen on the wall praying literally every hour of the day! No request is too great for our God, and he NEVER sleeps, nor does he slumber!  We believe that through our effectual, fervent prayer, God can transform our lives and HEAL OUR LANDS!! 

"I bless God, my dad is doing much better! He's talking and all! Had viral pneumonia on top of COVID19. Doctors said that he was going to die. He does not even remember any of it. I thank God and the intercessors on THIS wall for praying.  They cannot explain it, but I KNOW, it was the prayers.

C. Scott

"Cancer Update: After 2 lumpectomys, I am CANCER FREE! Next up will be radiation & medication. Please tell your church and those intercessors THANK YOU for all of their thoughts and prayers"


"Update: Week 2 for transplant and all my labs are good and kidney is working great! To God be the Glory... Thank you all for the prayers"

- A Collins

Praise report... Michelle's niece is in rehab and progressing well. She actually dressed herself today and Michelle's son Douglas got called back to his six-figure job


I want to say thank you to everyone that has sent a text, prayers or positive vibes! He has been moved to a rehab facility and is recovering well! Prayer Works!!!

-H.E. Vaught

Praise report - Danny is in a room, no oxygen. Eating and talked to his mom today. Out of ICU.  The Doctor said: "Somebody must've been praying for him".. God is a miracle worker!!!

-Alicia Anderson

When I need prayer warriors, trust me I know who to call on. No sign of stroke or heart problems.  Praise God & thank you to Pastor Lisa Rodgers for dropping everything and providing me with IMMEDIATE attention!!!

S. McNeill

Praise report!! The infection is totally gone out of my system and I'm going home tomorrow!! Won't God do it???  Thank you all so much for the prayers of THIS GROUP!!!

-Steven Harvin

After 9 days in the hospital, Michelle is home doing well. She says thank you all for the prayers, they were definitely needed!! 

-K Hudson

On December 29th I had open heart surgery, I contacted Pastor Shirlean Whichard for prayer.  I was able to return home on January 9th and I am in recovery at home!! Thank you all for the prayers!!!

- K. Norrington

I was listening in to one of the live prayer services and the Bishop spoke directly to me and told me I would be getting a house.  I followed his directions, and I am thrilled to say that I closed on my house!! To God be the Glory!!

-S. Davis

House of God Worship Center has blessed my very soul. This truly has been a difficult year for US!! Not just me!! I thought death would take me out, but his mercy endures forever!! My finances literally got to ZERO, but his mercy endures forever!!  I thank God for the Woman of God Lisa Rodgers and the entire House of God Worship Center Intercessors Team!! I have been healed in Jesus' name!!

-Jean Dorsey

Update on my mom! She went to the doctor today for an outpatient procedure to see how bad the leak in her heart valve was, and when they were going to perform surgery, the doctor looked at her and said, "What have you done, your heart has actually improved 30% since the last time I say you 2 weeks ago, no surgery needed"!!!  Thank you all for continuing to pray around the clock for us!!

-C. Dorsey

Who's Ready to PowerUP 

Below you will find links to daily devotions, prayer request submittals and a space to sign up to join our 24/hr Intercessors Prayer Wall. Join House of God Worship Center and other Intercessors from around the globe as we continue to Pray WITHOUT ceasing.