Senior Pastors & Staff

Garry T. Rodgers - Founder, Sr. Pastor

Visionary Leader, Bishop Garry Rodgers is one of Hampton Roads leading visionaries who uses his knowledge and experiences to lead others into their destiny, even in areas that expand beyond the realm of the church. His approach to leadership transcends the four walls of ministry and has helped him reach people of all socio-economic backgrounds and races. As a published author and master communicator, Bishop Rodgers has trained, mentored, and counseled people in both written and spoken forums. An advocate for education, he holds degrees from Regent University in the areas of Christian Ministry and Christian Theology. As an entrepreneur and business coach, he is directly responsible for many start-up organizations, Non-Profit Organizations, Real Estate and Development Companies and currently serves as mentor to the owners of the businesses under his care. His corporate knowledge and business savvy has culminated into almost 40% of his congregation owning and operating successful businesses of their own.
A faithful pastor for of 15 Years, devoted Husband and Father, Bishop has helped countless individuals realize their purpose in God through his dynamic ministry. Starting with only 3 members meeting weekly in a local community center, House of God Worship Center has expanded to now owning two locations in neighboring cities. Proverbs 29:18, the bedrock of Bishops leadership style declares, “Where there is no Vision, the people perish, but he that keepeth the law, happy is he”. Bishops goal is to promote the pursuing of purpose and the fulfillment of ones’ dreams through the knowledge of God and the understanding of his word. Bishop Garry T Rodgers is a man on a mission, and his Vision is to Empower God’s People.

Lisa Rodgers - Executive Pastor

Humanitarian, philanthropist, speaker and community trailblazer, Lisa  Rodgers loves  people and has become a champion for the voiceless and underserved in her community.  Born in St. Louis, Missouri, her commitment to the most vulnerable of our population is rooted in her faith, her sense of family, and her passion for public and community service. The third of four children, it was from her parents that she  learned empathy for those who are downtrodden, how to serve those who are less fortunate, and how  to present Christ to those who understand the need for a risen savior in their lives. Lady Rodgers was educated in the East St. Louis Illinois public school system where she received her primary  and  secondary  education. Upon  graduation from East St. Louis Senior High School, she enrolled in Harris Stowe Teachers College in Missouri and then Greenville College in Illinois where she majored in Business Management. Throughout her lifetime Lady Rodgers has served diligently in several ministries where her passion for souls, the youth and the less fortunate has manifested her purpose and blossomed into her personal ministry.  Since the inception of House of God Worship Center she’s recognized the need for relevant and heartfelt programs that service the communities that she has been called to serve.  To that end she has managed to positively intervene and impact the lives of countless at-risk youth, Veterans, and the homeless living throughout Hampton roads. Lady Rodgers  has  been  an  influential  force  in  the  Hampton  Roads  community and her vast body of work encompasses not only ministry, but the production of full scale plays, annual holiday events, and community  events  that  foster the reunification of communities and  families. In 2007, she founded Empowered  to Change  (ETC),  a  nonprofit organization missioned to help empower  people to live completely balanced  lives. Through ETC,  she has creatively developed a number of programs that have been consistently implemented  throughout Hampton Roads that serve the purpose God has given her.  Her ministry is founded off the very word of God; “To Cry Loud, and Spare Not”!! It is with that intense passion, she ministers to God’s children from every walk of life. Lady Rodgers has reinvented herself since retiring from her career in the financial industry. In addition to serving as Assistant Pastor of HOGWC and CEO of Empowered to Change, she has become a fashion trailblazer with her company “The Vintage Xperience”, a world renowned men’s and women’s accessory line. Lady Rodgers is the wife of Bishop Garry T. Rodgers and is the proud mother of one daughter, Sharda Rodgers and one beautiful granddaughter.

Meet the CORE.

Shirlean Whichard

Associate Pastor
Pastor Shirlean Whichard is the most senior spiritual advisor under the Bishop and Executive Pastor.  She is responsible for mentoring and training ministry staff as well as ensuring Pastoral Care is accomplished throughout the ministry.

Justin Taylor, MBA-PM

Operations Manager
Justin holds a Graduate degree from Saint Leo University in Project Management and Organizational Leadership.  He is directly involved in all areas of ministry planning, scheduling and operations. His focus is ensuring ministry goals align with the vision and appropriate strategies are in place to meet them.  

Tramaine Brown, BA

Events Planning and Site Coordinator
Teacher, Counselor, Facilitator,   Tramaine Brown is the ministry's events planner and coordinator.  She works in Logistics and Scheduling, and oversees multiple ongoing site operations. 

Bessie Smith, MSW

Women's Department/CKZ Director/Pastoral Care
Bessie has a Masters Degree in Social Work and Human Services. Her heart is geared towards helping people.  She has applied that same focus to her ministry!! Mentoring women and pushing them towards excellence is her goal.  She also pours that same love and careful consideration into the children of House of God Worship Center.